• 2020初二英语知识点总结归纳?英语必考短语词汇!
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  •   对于初中生来说,英语的学习不仅仅是为今后的中考高考打下基础,对于未来的工作生活也会带来一定的帮助,那么,在初二的时候,应该如何学习英语呢?初二英语的知识如何归纳总结呢?



      Where did you go on vacation?




      1. some 和 any + 可数名/ 不可数名。

      some 多用于肯定句, any 多用于否定句、疑问句和条件从句 。有些问句中用 some,不用 any, 问话者希望得到对方肯定回答。

      2. 由 some, any, no, every 与 body, one, thing 构成的复合不定代词作主语时,其谓语动词用三单。

      3. 不定代词若有定语修饰,该定语要置于其后:如:something interesting


      1. buy sth for ab./ buy sb. sth 为某人买某物

      2. taste + adj. 尝起来⋯⋯

      3. nothing...but + V.( 原形 ) 除了⋯⋯之外什么都没有

      4. seem + (to be) + adj 看起来

      5. arrive in + 大地方 / arrive at + 小地方 到达某地

      6. decide to do sth. 决定做某事

      7. try doing sth. 尝试做某事 / try to do sth. 尽力做某事

      8. enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事

      9. want to do sth. 想去做某事

      10. start doing sth. 开始做某事 =begin doing sth.

      11. stop doing sth. 停止做某事 区分:stop to do sth. 停下来去做某事

      12. dislike doing sth. 不喜欢做某事

      14. so + adj + that + 从句 如此⋯⋯以至于⋯⋯

      16. tell sb. (not) to do sth. 告诉某人(不要) 做某事

      17. keep doing sth. 继续做某事

      18. forget to do sth. 忘记去做某事 / forget doing sth 忘记做过某事


      1. take a photo/ take photos 拍照

      quite a few+ 名词复数 “许多⋯”

      2. seem + 形容词 看起来⋯ ... You seem happy today.

      seem + to do sth. 似乎/ 好像做某事 I seem to have a cold

      It seems + 从句 似乎.. ⋯. It seems that no one believe you.


      seem like ... 好像,似乎⋯ .. It seems like a good idea.

      3. arrive in + 大地点 = get to= reach+ 地点名 “到达...... ”

      arrive at + 小地点

      (注:若后跟地点副词 here/there/home, 介词需省略,如:arrive here; get home )

      4. feel like sth 感觉像⋯

      feel doing sth. 想要做某事

      5. wonder (想知道) +疑问词( who, what, why) 引导的从句。

      6. because of +名/ 代/V-ing


      He can’t take a walk because of the rain.

      I don ’t buy the shirt because it was too expensive.

      7. enough + 名词 足够的⋯ ...

      形容词 / 副词+enough



      1.too much 太多

      2.lie down 躺下

      3.get an X-ray 做个X光检查

      4.take one ’s temperature 量体温

      5.put some medicine on ......在....上敷药

      6.have a fever 发烧

      7.take breaks /take a break 休息

      8.without thinking twice 没多想

      9.get off 下车

      10.take sb to the hospital 送某人去医院

      11.wait for等待

      12.to one’s surprise 使.......惊讶的

      13.thanks to多亏于;由于

      14.in time及时

      15.think about 考虑

      16.have a heart problem患有心脏病

      17.get into the trouble 遇到麻烦

      18.do the right thing做正确的事情事情

      19.fall down 摔倒

      20.put ...... on sth把...放在某物上

      21.get hit/sunburned 摔伤/烧伤

      22.be interested in 对.....感兴趣

      23.be used to 习惯于....

      24.take risks/take a risk 挑战

      25.lose one’s life 失去生命

      26.because of 因为

      27.run out of 用完

      28.cut off 切除

      29.get out of 从...出来

      30.make a decision/decisions 做决定

      31.be in control of 掌管;管理

      32.give up 放弃


      1.need to do sth .需要去做某事 2.see sb doing sth 看见某人正在做某事

      3.ask sb sth 询问某人某事 4.expect sb to do sth 期望某人做某事

      5.agree to do sth 同意做某事 6.help sb (to) do sth 帮助某人做某事

      7.want to do sth 想要做某事 8.tell sb to do sth 告诉某人做某事

      9.have problems(in) doing sth 做某事有困难 10.use sth to do sth用某物去做某事

      11.be/get used to doing sth 习惯于做某事 12.seem to do sth 好像做某事

      13.keep on doing sth 继续做某事 14.mind doing sth 介意做某事



      1. clothes, cloth, clothing

      clothes统指各种衣服,谓语动词永远是复数, cloth指布,为不可数名词 clothing 服装的总称,指一件衣服用a piece of, an article of

      2. incident, accident

      incident指小事件, accident指不幸的事故He was killed in the accident.

      3. amount, number

      amount后接不可数名词, number后接可数名词 a number of students

      4. family, house, home

      home 家,包括住处和家人,house房子,住宅,family家庭成员. My family is a happy one.

      5. sound, voice, noise

      sound自然界各种各样的声音,voice人的嗓音,noise噪音I hate the loud noise outside.

      6. photo, picture, drawing

      photo用照相机拍摄的照片,picture可指相片,图片,电影片,drawing画的画 Let's go and see a good picture.

      7. vocabulary, word

      vocabulary词汇,一个人拥有的单词量,word具体的单词He has a large vocabulary.

      8. population, people

      population人口,人数,people具体的人 China has a large population.

      9. weather, climate

      weather一天内具体的天气状况,climate长期的气候状况 The climate here is not good for you.

      10. road, street, path, way


      take this road; in the street, show me the way to the museum.

      11. course, subject

      course课程(可包括多门科目),subject科目(具体的学科)a summer course

      12. custom, habit

      custom传统风俗,习俗,也可指生活习惯,后接to do, habit生活习惯,习惯成自然,后接of doing. I've got the habit of drinking a lot.

      13. cause, reason

      cause 指造成某一事实或现象的直接原因,后接of sth./doing sth,reason用来解释某种现象或结果的理由,后接for sth./doing sth. the reason for being late

      14. exercise, exercises, practice

      exercise运动,锻炼(不可数),exercises练习(可数),practice(反复做的)练习 Practice makes perfect.

      15. class, lesson

      作"课"解时,两者可以替换.指课文用lesson. 指班级或全体学生用class. lesson 6; class 5

      16. speech, talk, lecture

      speech指在公共场所所做的经过准备的较正式的演说,talk日常生活中的一般的谈话,讲话,lecture学术性的演讲,讲课 a series of lecture on…

      17. officer, official

      officer部队的军官,official政府官员 an army officer

      18. work, job

      二者均指工作。work不可数,job可数 a good job

      19. couple, pair

      couple主要指人或动物,pair多指由两部分组成的东西 a pair of trousers

      20. country, nation, state, land

      country侧重指版图,疆域,nation指人民,国民,民族,state侧重指政府,政体,land国土,国家 The whole nation was sad at the news.

      21. cook, cooker

      cook厨师,cooker厨具 He is a good cook.

      22. damage, damages

      damage不可数名词, 损害,损失; damages复数形式, 赔偿金 $900 damages

      23. police, policeman

      police警察的总称,后接复数谓语动词,policeman 指某个具体的警察 The police are questioning everyone in the house.

      24. problem, question

      problem常和困难连系,前面的动词常为think about, solve, raise,question常和疑问连系,多和ask, answer连用

      25. man, a man

      man人类,a man一个男人 Man will conquer nature.

      26. chick, chicken

      二者均可指小鸡,chicken还可以当鸡肉 The chicken is delicious.

      27. telegram, telegraph

      当电报解时,telegram指具体的,telegraph指抽象的 a telegram, by telegraph

      28. trip, journey, travel, voyage

      travel是最常用的,trip指短期的旅途,journey指稍长的旅途,voyage指海上航行 a three-day trip

      29. sport, game

      sport多指户外的游戏或娱乐活动,如打球,游泳,打猎,赛马等;game指决定胜负的游戏,通常有一套规则 His favorite sport is swimming.

      30. price, prize

      price价格,prize奖,奖品,奖金 win the first prize The price is high/low.

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